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Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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CEO. Founder. Global Health Consultant.

As a medical practitioner for over two decades, Dr Harriet Kivumbi founded EDISA Place of Hope in 2013 to be a hub for rehabilitation, rediscovery and rebuilding one's life after addiction. She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge after working in multiple global health organizations. She also ensures a spiritual journey to be undertaken by all clients while at EDISA Place of Hope, thus ensuring our clients re-join society with God as their pillar. To read more and get in touch with our founder, check out her linkedin profile (Dr. Harriet Kivumbi | LinkedIn

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Medical Doctor

As one of many qualified health workers at Place of Hope, Dr Edith is in contact with our clients and their families from admission to discharge. She liaises with them to ensure smooth transition into the rehabilitation centre and thereafter, smooth transition back to their communities. Involved in both administrative work and clinical care, she is one of familiar faces that will be with you and your loved one of the journey to sobriety. More on her at the linkedin profile attached Edith (Nkalubo) Nagginda | LinkedIn

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Fred Mugisha has worked as a Counselling Psychologist in several institutions for over a decade and he brings this knowledge and experience to EDISA Place of hope as he conducts one on one counselling sessions, group therapy sessions, family counselling sessions and many other tried and tested methods to arrive at a break through for our clientele, and offer them advice for their future as they prepare to re-join society as helpful and sober members. Fred Mugisha | LinkedIn

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Psychiatric Clinical Officer

Armed with experience and clinical know-how, Kyomugisha Flavia is our Psychiatric Clinical Officer EDISA Place of Hope, and she ensures that our facility and care are second to none. Having worked at several other rehabilitation centres, she brings a diversity of thought, knowledge and experience to our centre of care.

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